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St. Timothy Episcopal Church, a Welcoming, Christ-Centered Community

Western Michigan Episcopal Cursillo
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Anyone interested see Steve Schoenleber or Colin Cruttenden.

For more information, please visit their website:

The Cursillo movement is one method of renewal in the Church. It is a method of creating in the minds and hearts of Christians an awareness of the presence of God in their lives - a desire to live a life with Him and to bring Him into the lives of everyone they meet. It is a "Lay Movement" within the Church controlled and directed by the laity of the Church. Its purpose is to help those in the Church understand their individual callings to be Christian leaders. This leadership may be exercised at work, in the family, in their social life and/or within the Church - not to compete with the clergy in bringing Christ to the world, but to work with them. The Goal of Cursillo is the goal of the Church - to bring all to Christ.

In its three part method, Cursillo provides training for leadership in mission and helps renew Christian commitment. The teaching and care given on a Cursillo weekend cause many to feel and act like newly made Christians with purpose and, just as important, with support.

Since the first Cursillo weekend in this Diocese in 1984, there have been over 1500 people that have attended a Cursillo weekend. If you ask people who have gone through a Cursillo weekend what it was like, they probably would not give the preceding explanation. Some may describe some of the events that took place. Some might only be able to describe their feelings about the weekend or how the experience changed their lives. They may have even said that you just have to experience it yourself. Cursillo, like most things in life, is not necessarily for everyone - nor is it intended to be, but if you have an interest in or have more questions about Cursillo, email:

St. Timothy Episcopal Church
9800 East BC Avenue
Richland, Michigan 49083