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St. Timothy Episcopal Church, a Welcoming, Christ-Centered Community

Financial Peace Class

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In 2009, our own Tami V. led the following class:
Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  This is a curriculum for people that is based on scripture to show God's path to being debt free. 
The only cost is a life time membership of $99.  (Life time means that they may take the class again in the future.) Couples only pay one membership of $99. 
The class runs 13 weeks at 6 p.m.- 8pm on Monday's beginning September 21, 2009.  We may chose to do a class on a Sunday after church to make sure the class is over by Thanksgiving week.  

Each week, we will watch an hour movie, do small group meetings and each participant plan/work on their own financial goals.
The main purpose is to get away from charge cards and credit - all which have made many people upside down.

St. Timothy Episcopal Church
9800 East BC Avenue
Richland, Michigan 49083