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St. Timothy Episcopal Church


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Building Project Update
Our New Look
Join us as we "Grow Together in Christ"!
Dedication/Celebration Service May 4, 2003.
Creating a warm and friendly environment in which to worship God is part of our mission at St. Timothy's Church.  This includes making the church building, as well as our programs and services, accessible to people with physical limitations.  Most recently we have completed our new addition to our building.  Our building plan was to increase accessibility of the church entrance, add an elevator so that all parishioners can partake of the fellowship activities on both levels, create barrier free restrooms, enlarge the lobby, and prepare the church for future growth by creating an unfinished "shell" space.
Building committee meets to plan interior finishing: a team of interested parishioners has met three times to plan the details for finishing the "shell area" where the new offices and multipurpose room will be.  Gregg Jones has provided a set of drawings sumarizing the decisions that can be viewed in the unfinished shell area.  We are excited about our new addition.  Come and see! 

St. Timothy Episcopal Church  9800 East BC Avenue  Richland, MI 49083